The Gateway Team is trying to foster a more active community around the Gateway: by involving more people across the Foundation we believe we can together create an computer environment that works better for everyone.

We would like to compile a list of Teachers, Support Staff and others we can consult with on the development and use of each Gateway module. If you are interested in being involved in helping to improve and develop any Gateway module please contact the Gateway manager.

System Improvement

– Enhancement requests

Gateway is a single source code system, any changes will affect all schools. The Enhancement requests need to be coordinated effectively across schools, rather than introduce change requests by individual or individual schools.

  • Requests to come from individual module’s  User Groups (if there is any) rather than individuals.
  • Where this is not possible requests should be made to the Enhancement discussion on Gateway eTicket system by the School Gateway Manager/Administrator (SGM/SGA) or email the Gateway Project Manager.
  • All requests to be discussed by the new Gateway Advisory Group for approval and prioritisation.

– Report system bugs/problems

If you find a system bug/problem, please report it to the School Gateway Manager/Administrator (SGM/SGA) for your school. They will verify it and follow up the problem with the Gateway Support Team. In order to save communication time, Please help providing in details as much as possible, e.g. what browser do you use, in which module and screen screen, provideing the screen captures with descriptions will be highly appreciated. The Gateway Team will investigate the problem and schedule bug fixing to resolve the problem/bug based on the priorities. You may be requested to provide more information in order to identify the problem.


If you need to test anything with Gateway, the possible ways are:

  • Experiment on the production but do not mess up the live date
  • Login the Staging server with production login ID and request a password from your school School Gateway Manager /Administrator (SGM/SGA) .

In Staging server, all the student photo, demographic data is masked for privacy and audit concern. This is useful if you wish to give demonstrations to new staff/parent users or take screen shots for your own user guides.

We would like to give you access to this server so that you can:

  • Experiment with aspects of the Gateway without using live data
  • Take part in the testing process to test changes before they are rolled out to the production server
  • Use it to provide demonstration and training without infringing privacy.

Communication and Documents

Up to now all communication regarding the Gateway has gone from ESF Centre to SGM/SGA, and they then had to cascade this information on to teachers, students and parents. SGM/SGA may download the standard user guides from this website and make their own versions that fit their schools’ needs.