Creative Commons

Creative Commons LicenseCreative Commons ( is a world-wide organisation that aims to provide regular people with the means to share their work in a controlled manner. The ESF is committed to using Creative Commons for file resources held on The Gateway, as a way to enable the ESF, our staff and students, and the wider community to be able to benefit from the work we produce, in a manner that is fair for all. The license we have selected is the BY-NC-SA license. More details can be found at Creative Commons BY-NC-SA Licence. In short this license allows usage of your work to anyone, provided they share any derivative work under the same license, and attribute you as the author of the work. Some staff may originally find this openness difficult, but it has been chosen with the aims of the IBO, 21st Century Learning and academic life in general. As Isaac Newton said, he was only “stand on the shoulders of giants”: if those who came before him had not shared, he would not have been able to carry out his work. Surely then, we should share in the name of furthering knowledge and education. The video below provides a good introduction to Creative Commons: