User Groups

In order for us to make more informed decisions on the development of the Gateway we need to consult more closely with the users. It is not realistic to consult with everyone all the time so we would like to set up groups of users who can advise us.

A list of groups is shown below. This is not comprehensive and we may need to create more. We are open to suggestions.

If you would like to be added to (or removed from) any of these groups, or suggest more groups, please let us know.

CPD Group

Jacques Perche ESF Centre
Kunal Mulchandani ESF Centre (overseas CPD/Travel workflow)

IN Group

Gail WRIGHT ESF Centre
Julie JAMESON ESF Centre

Chiqui Colet Peak School
Catherine Blacklaws Bradbury School
Tonya Keyser Renaissance College
Claire Gore Renaissance College
Kathy Derrick Clearwater Bay School
Åsa Haeggblom Discovery College
Jennine Harding Glenealy School
Mark Rutter Island School
Maria Woods Island School
Carole Beer KGV
Carolyn Aukafolau Kowloon Junior School
Julie Tait Kennedy School
Sarah Gorman Quarry Bay School
Jessica Loebig Shatin College
Elise Draeger Shatin Junior School
Emma Bannerman South Island School
Ian Meekcoms South Island School
Gail Wright West Island School

Higher Education Group

Roger Wilkinson Island School
Simone Salier
 Island School
Gladys Lam
 Renaissance College
Aletha Rossiter
 Renaissance College
Patrick Campbell
 Shatin College
YAU Terence KGV School
David Stott
 Shatin College
Martin Campion
 South Island School
Lauren Sharman
 South Island School
Carolyn Lee
 West Island School
Catherine Schofield
 West Island School
Ellie Tang
 West Island School

Medical/Health Professional Group

Kenneth Tam ESF Centre
SIMS Kiera Island School
BUCKLEY Kowloon Junior School
Nicole So
  Shatin College
RosalindCHEN  Beacon Hill School
West Island School
WONG Irene
Kennedy School
Lauren Lau
 Bradbury School
 Glenealy School
O’KANE Pauline
 Glenealy School
WOOD Louise
Renaissance College
Clearwater Bay School
CHEUNG Christine
CHAN Cherry
Shatin Junior School
HUI Jeanette
South Island School
Delia Guastella Monti
 Quarry Bay School
 HUANG Peak School
 YING KGV School
Sarah Walker
Discovery College
Discovery College